Who was Uemura Shoen?

1) Uemura Shoen, (real name Uemura Tsune), born in Kyoto, Japan on April 23, 1875 to August 27, 1949 (aged 74), was an artist of early Showa period of Japanese paintings.

2) As a child at age 12, she drew pictures and exhibited considerable skill at drawing human figures. By age 15, she was winning awards in official art contests & commissioning work for private patrons.

3) She was sent to Kyoto Prefectural Painting School, where she studied under the Chinese style landscape painter Suzuki Shonen. She also began studying the Kano School & Sesshu school style of painting.

4) She became known for her bijin-ga, or paintings of beautiful women, in the nihonga style. She is respected for her fight for women’s rights & her achievements as a great artist.

5) Two of her works have been selected as the subject of commemorative postage stamps twice by the Japanese government: ‘Jo no mai’ (1965) & ‘Mother and Child’ (1980).

6) In 2017, her work was featured in a two month long exhibition organized by Yamatane Museum of Art & Nikkei Inc. It dominated the selected works in the first section, with additional work in the second.

Check her virtual 3D Museum and Art Gallery at :

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