Marlene Dumas 3D Art Gallery

Marlene Dumas 3D Exhibition

1) Marlene Dumas, born in Cape Town, South Africa on August 3, 1953 to present (aged 70), is a South African artist and painter currently based in the Netherlands.

2) Dumas witnessed the system of Apartheid during her childhood. She began painting in 1973 & showed her political concerns and reflections on her identity as a white woman of Afrikaans descent in SA.

3) She studied art at the University of Cape Town from 1972 to 1975, & then at Ateliers ’63 in Haarlem, now located in Amsterdam. She studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 1979 & 1980.

4) Her art focuses on more serious issues and themes such as sexuality and race, guilt and innocence, violence and tenderness. She paints to impact the world of contemporary art.

5) Her style is older Romanticism tradition, with loose brushstrokes to add distortion but also great detail to her art. She likes to use wet on wet technique, combines thin layers to thick ones.

6) Dumas’ work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art & Dordrechts Museum. Her work was included in the 2022 exhibition Women Painting Women at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

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