Mabel Lopez; RIP

Mabel Alvarez, born in Oahu, Kingdom of Hawaii on November 28, 1891 to March 13, 1985 (aged 93), was an American painter.

 She demonstrated artistic talent at a young age & 1915 enrolled in the Art Students League of Los Angeles, where she was immediately successful.

She also attended William Cahill’s School for Illustration and Painting in LA & drew a charcoal portrait of a woman in profile used by the School for its catalog cover.

In the 1920s & 30s, her works were heavily influenced by the Synchromist Movement’s Stanton Macdonald Wright & Morgan Russell. Her early paintings was based on Symbolism, Art Nouveau & Impressionism.

The primary color that she used to express herself was green which to her represented joy, love, hope, youth & mirth. The archetypes: the child, the innocent maiden, temptress, the faithful wife, etc.

 She painted into her sixties & seventies. Her works included Impressionism, as well as to figure, still life, and portrait painting. Her late pieces are focused on religious and symbolic themes.