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What is Eternal 3D?

Welcome to, a place for the preservation of personal and historical memories in virtual 3D. You can create and explore numerous 3D exhibitions and 3D virtual galleries related to people, biographies, art, history, and culture. The exhibitions can be viewed in 3D through the eyes of a virtual avatar or in simple 2D. Want to contribute? Feel free to create your own 3D exhibitions about a person, place, event, or anything else that’s interesting. Be creative, and if you want to create a VR exhibition of your own life, you might want to check out our premium plans, which allow for more robust displays.

Celebration life slideshow

A funeral slideshow is a collection of photographs and videos that are displayed during a memorial or funeral service to honor and remember the deceased. The slideshow can include pictures of the person throughout their life, as well as personal mementos and other items that were meaningful to them. It is often played on a loop during the service and can serve as a visual tribute to the person who has passed away.

3D virtual exhibitions are also an exciting way to raise awareness about individual artists, art events, and exhibitions. This educational virtual journey can be accessed seven days a week through an app or the web as long as the show is on. These online 3D art galleries can last a day, a month, or even a long time. Online art shows can reach a large number of art lovers, students, and collectors who can’t make it to the physical venue but still want to take part in a valuable, interactive experience.

3D Life celebration funeral and 3D Mausoleum

A 3D virtual funeral or mausoleum is like an in-person memorial, but it is an online experience for the family and relatives to share memories and love. Our virtual memorial gallery or 3D mausoleum can include text, photos, albums, and videos, along with voice files and pdf files. Our website is a leader in simplifying tools for individuals to create art galleries, biographies, and even science projects and memorials in order to share love and knowledge across the world. We can work closely with you to craft the perfect 3D memorial exhibition for your loved one. From finding the right words to say and hosting the texts, photos, albums, and videos, to voice files and pdf files, We will make sure that these 3D virtual exhibits honour the memory of your loved one in a professional, personalized, and heartfelt way.

Visitors can explore the exhibit from any location, using a computer or mobile device, and even leave virtual flowers or messages of condolence. The benefits of this type of life celebration are numerous. For one, it allows loved ones to continue to honour and remember the person in a tangible and interactive way, even if they are no longer physically present. It also allows people who may not have had the chance to meet the person in person to learn about and appreciate their legacy. Additionally, virtual 3D museums and exhibits are environmentally friendly, as they do not require physical space or resources.

Funeral slideshow and making Eternal Memories

3D Mausoleums, Funeral Slideshows, and 3D Galleries are waiting to be made by kindhearted people like you. The 3D Mausoleum can be screened prior to or during a funeral service to celebrate the life of the deceased.Favorite songs and music could be combined with photos and movie clips to create a vivid and enjoyable focus for remembering happy memories.Try to avoid using photos of a large group of people and focus more on the photos where your loved one is clearly featured to create a great life celebration funeral. Quotes, poems, and prayers can be made into voice files to be uploaded. The app allows you to upload or live record up to 8 voice files. When considering the music, you might like to include in the 3D mausoleum, think about the favourite songs of the deceased or the music contemporary to his or her period. Try to remember those songs that make you think of that person, or perhaps songs that articulate the messages you would like to convey.

3D online Art Galleries and More

3D virtual exhibitions are an exciting way to promote individual artists, art events, and exhibitions, using this 3D virtual tour that can be navigated using a phone app or through the web. 3D exhibits are convenient and accessible, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online exhibitions reach art lovers all over the world, even if they can’t go to the physical space. They can still access a rich and interactive space from afar.

Eternal 3D Experience!

Explore our virtual art exhibitions and 3D virtual museums. New exhibitions are frequently added and have been selected to show the diversity of subject matter and curation styles. Some painting styles include cubism, abstractionism, modernism, classics, impressionism, and many more. Artists include Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Monet, Pizarro, and many, many more. In the phone app, you screen them using the categories option. You can also read biographies of famous people like Louis Pasteur, Thomas Edison, Nicolas Tesla, and many others.

Eternal 3D Virtual Exhibits:

In conclusion, virtual 3D museums and exhibits, like the Eternal 3D experience, are a new and innovative way to celebrate the art of great artists and the lives of loved ones, providing a unique and immersive way to honour their work, memory, and legacy. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that this trend will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people seek new and meaningful ways to remember their loved ones.

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