Gabriele Kuizinaite 3D Exhibition

1) Gabriele Kuizinaite , is an international visual artist who lives and creates art in Kaunas, in Lithuania. She graduated in 2003 years from Vytautas Magnus University, with a focus on art criticism.

2) She is interested in visuals arts and photography field. She writes about photography exhibitions and curating visuals arts exhibitions.

3) She studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and obtained master degree in cultural management field in 2007.

check her 3D exhibit @

4) Since 2008 years she is a member of Lithuanian photographers union, also she is a member of foreign arts associations and galleries. She was organized and wrote about more than 200 exhibitions .

5) She started creating her own pictures and participated in personal and collective exhibitions since 2019. She has organized 4 personals exhibitions and took part in 85 collective exhibitions.

6) In the contemporary art book that she is presenting the experimental painting series about forest maps. She is working with foreign themes and exploring foreign themes at different levels.