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1) Njideka Akunyili Crosby, born in 1983 to present (around aged 40) on Enugu, Nigeria, is a Nigerian-born visual artist working in Los Angeles, California.

2) She took her first oil painting class at the Community College of Philadelphia where her teacher Jeff Reed encouraged her to apply to Swarthmore College. She graduated & studied art and biology.

3) She was getting pre-medical requirements to pursue a career in medicine before deciding to pursue art. She felt the urgency to tell her experience as a Nigerian in the diaspora through her art.

4) She uses photos she has taken herself in Nigeria along with family photos and pages from popular Nigerian magazines. he photos “are layers in her work by collage and acetone-transfer prints, (cont.)

5) creating a fabric of images throughout her paintings”. Her primary mediums include collage, photo transfer, acrylic paint, charcoal, fabric, and colored pencil.

6) Akunyili Crosby has staged a large number of solo exhibitions at museums and galleries in the United States and internationally. Her work as been in Hammer Museum, Nation Portrait Gallery, & more.

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