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1) Herrad of Landsberg, born in c. 1130 to July 25, 1195 (aged 65), was a 12th century Alsatian nun and abbess of Hohenburg Abbey in the Vosges mountains.

2) As early as 1159 Herrad had begun within the cloister walls the work for which she is best known, the Hortus deliciarum, a compendium of all the sciences studied at that time.

3) It was written for the women in Herrad’s convent, in order to further the teaching of biblical, moral, and theological material, and was completed in 1185.

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4) In it, she delved into the battle of Virtue and Vice with vivid visual imagery preceding the text. The original manuscript consisted of 648 pages on 324 parchment sheets.

5) Its chief claim to distinction is the 336 illustrations which adorn the text. any of the poems & hymns were written by her, & it is speculated that much of the art was created under her direction too.

6) The manuscript passed into the library of Strasbourg around the French Revolution. Although the original perished, we can still form an estimate of the artistic & literary value of her work.