Fede Galizia 3D Art Exhibit

Fede Galizia 3D Art Exhibit @

1) Fede Galizia, better known as Galizia, born in Milan on 1578 to 1630 (aged 52), was an Italian Renaissance painter of still-lifes, portraits, and religious pictures.

2) Her father taught her how to paint. By the age of twelve, she was sufficiently accomplished as an artist to be mentioned by Gian Paolo Lomazzo.

3) At a young age, Galizia was already an established portrait painter handling many commissioned works. Her father may have been inspired to train his daughter by the example of Sofonisba Anguissola.

4) The style of her painting derived from the naturalistic traditions of the Renaissance in Italy with a sharply realistic approach. She showed a Lombard mannerism style of the late 16th century.

5) Her paintings were deft with detail, perfectly balanced, and her attention to shadow, light, and texture was unrivaled at the time. She was particularly good at creating inviting space in her work.

6) She is recognized as a pioneer in the treatment of still-life in European painting. Currently, it is unknown how many paintings she executed. She may have inspired Giovanna Garzoni & Bergamese Codino.

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