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Eliza Cecilia Beaux, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1855 to September 17, 1942 (aged 87), was an artist & the first woman to teach art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. We present here a 3D Art Gallery in her honor. Her father did have a natural aptitude for drawing and Beaux and her sister were charmed by his whimsical sketches of animals. Her learning piano proved an advantage for her artistic ambitions.

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She was trained in Philly & went on to study in Paris where she was influenced by academic artists Tony Robert-Fleury & William-Adolphe Bouguereau as well as the work of Edouard Manet & Edgar Degas. Her style was compared to that of John Singer Sargent. Like her instructor William Sartain, she believed there was a connection between physical characteristics and behavioral traits.

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During her long productive life as an artist, she maintained her personal aesthetic and high standards against all distractions and countervailing forces. She constantly struggled for perfection.6) She was awarded a gold medal for lifetime achievement by the National Institute of Arts & Letters, & honored by Eleanor R. as “the woman who made the greatest contribution to the culture of the world.

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More Info : Cecilia Beaux (1855–1942) was an American portrait painter known for her skillful and evocative depictions of prominent figures of her time. She was born on May 1, 1855, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and her career spanned several decades during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Beaux showed early artistic talent and received encouragement from her family to pursue her passion for art. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts under renowned instructors, including Thomas Eakins. Her dedication and talent led to her becoming one of the few female students allowed to attend life drawing classes with nude models.

Throughout her career, Cecilia Beaux gained recognition for her portrait paintings, which were marked by a strong attention to detail, refined technique, and psychological insight. She had the ability to capture the personality and character of her subjects, whether they were prominent figures or members of her own family.

One of her most famous paintings is “New England Woman,” which won the prestigious Mary Smith Prize in 1887. The painting’s sensitive portrayal of a woman and the surrounding environment highlighted Beaux’s ability to convey depth and emotion in her work.

Beaux’s career flourished despite the challenges female artists faced in a male-dominated field. She was a member of various art organizations, including the National Academy of Design and the National Institute of Arts and Letters. Her works were exhibited extensively, both nationally and internationally, and she received numerous awards and honors.

Notable figures such as President Theodore Roosevelt and the Rockefellers sat for her portraits, contributing to her reputation as a skilled portraitist. She also painted many self-portraits that reflected her introspective nature and artistic mastery.

Cecilia Beaux’s contributions to the art world extended beyond her own paintings. She also taught art and mentored younger artists, leaving a lasting impact on the artistic community.

Cecilia Beaux passed away on September 7, 1942, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable portraits and a testament to her perseverance in pursuing her artistic ambitions. Her work continues to be admired for its technical brilliance, sensitivity, and ability to capture the essence of her subjects.

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