Yuriy Patra Ukranian Martyr

Yuriy Patra

October 30, 2023

Soldier Yuriy Patra, nicknamed Patrick, was killed on October 30, 2023, while carrying out a combat mission near the village of Levadne in Zaporizhzhia region. The life of the defender was cut short by enemy artillery shelling. Yuriy was 28 years old.

Yuriy was born in the village of Strusiv in Ternopil region. He grew up there and received his secondary education. In 2018, he completed his compulsory military service. In 2021, he married his beloved Galina and moved to the village of Luchka in his native region. He dreamed of having children and a peaceful family life. He worked at a local enterprise.

At the beginning of the full-scale war in March 2022, Yuriy was called up to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served in the 16th Separate Rifle Battalion (military unit A7100) as a rifleman, defending the Zaporizhzhia direction alongside his comrades.

“Yura was a very good person with a sincere open heart and a kind soul, always ready to help in everything. He bravely fulfilled his duty as a citizen of Ukraine. Until his last breath, he was loyal to his comrades and the state. While in the combat zones, he never complained that it was difficult for him; on the contrary, he tried to support and said that everything would be fine… We miss him very much… He was our support, our strength, and our whole world. We love him very much, and he will always be in our hearts, mine and our daughter Ilona’s,” shared Galina Patra, the wife of the deceased.

Yuriy was buried in the village of Luchka in Ternopil region.

At home, he was awaited by his wife Galina and their daughter Ilona, born in 2023.