Yuriy Dedyushev Ukranian Martyr

Yuriy Dedyushev

September 30, 2023

Senior Sergeant Yuriy Dedyushev, nicknamed Dedy, died on September 30, 2023, near the village of Mala Tokmachka in Zaporizhzhia region. While carrying out his regular combat mission, he came under enemy fire and sustained fatal injuries. The warrior was 28 years old.

Yuriy was born in the village of Yuriivka in Zaporizhzhia region. He graduated from the local school and decided not to continue his education further but to join the army. From 2013 to 2015, he served in military unit 3029 of the National Guard of Ukraine. He participated in the ATO. After being discharged, he got married. He was involved in agriculture, as well as hunting and beekeeping.

In 2022, after leaving his native village, which fell under occupation, and ensuring that his family was safe, Yuriy returned to the National Guard. He served in the 15th Separate Operational Purpose Brigade named after Hero of Ukraine Lieutenant Bohdan Zavada (military unit 3029). Together with his comrades, he fought on the Zaporizhzhia front.

“It is important for me that as many people as possible learn about the feat of my husband… He was a true patriot. He taught the whole family to love this country as much as he loved it. No matter how tired he was from the war, he always said, ‘I will rest when it’s over.’ Yuriy gave the most precious thing he had – his life. They took the most precious thing from us – him. We must understand that we all walk on this earth and live thanks to him…” – noted the wife of the fallen soldier, Oleksandra Samsonenko.

The National Guardsman was buried at the St. Nicholas Cemetery in Zaporizhzhia.

Yuriy is survived by his wife, two sons, relatives, friends, and comrades.