Yevheniy Boyko Ukranian Martyr

Yevheniy Boyko

January 20, 2023

Senior soldier Yevheniy Boyko, call sign Dzhonyk, was killed on January 20, 2023, while carrying out his first combat mission near the town of Soledar in Donetsk region. He suffered fatal injuries due to enemy mortar shelling. The warrior was 40 years old.

Yevheniy Anatoliyovych was born and lived in the city of Myrhorod in Poltava region. He studied at the local School No. 2. Later, he graduated from Myrhorod Vocational School No. 44 and became a driver-electrician. He completed his mandatory military service and then found employment as a builder. Before the invasion, he worked at the metal base “AV Metal Group” in his hometown. In his free time, he enjoyed fishing.

During the full-scale invasion, he voluntarily joined the military. He served in the Myrhorod Battalion of Territorial Defense, part of the 116th Separate Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was a rifleman in the rifle company. In early 2023, he went to defend the city of Soledar with his unit, from where he did not return.

“Zhenya was the best son, a strong older brother, a loving father, and simply a kind person. He never refused to help his family or anyone else. He was a bright, honest, good, and decent person. A brave and courageous warrior. His last words before battle were, ‘Who else but us? Who, if not us?’ His classmates and friends said that he always loved to joke and could cheer anyone up. In the memory of everyone who knew our Zhenya, he will forever remain the brightest person in life,” said the mother of the deceased, Tetiana.

The defender was buried at the Heroes Alley Cemetery in his hometown.

Yevheniy is survived by his parents, sister, and daughter.