Yaroslav Kushyk Ukranian Martyr

Ярослав Кушик

October 19, 2022

Lieutenant Yaroslav Kushyk, call sign “Phoenix,” died on October 19, 2022, while carrying out a combat mission near the village of Pyatyhatky in Kherson. Two months prior, on August 19, the officer turned 28.

Yaroslav was born in the village of Vovchukhy in Lviv Oblast. He studied at the Borislav General Special Boarding School. Always a talented student, he read extensively, was interested in Ukrainian history, and had a passion for wood carving. His dream was to become an officer. In 2015, he joined the public national liberation movement “Right Sector,” and a year later, he joined the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade. For two years, he actively participated in combat operations in the ATO/ATO zone. In 2018, he entered the National Academy of Ground Forces named after Hetman Petro Sahaidachny, graduating in 2022.

The young officer was assigned to serve in the 17th Separate Tank Brigade named after Kostyantyn Pestushko as the commander of a tank platoon.

“Always positive. Always could support, give advice. He loved talking about tanks. He dreamed of further education after the war. But it was not meant to be,” said the sister of the deceased, Irina Dyomina.

“Yaroslav was respected for his humanity, professionalism, honesty, and integrity, the ability to set an example for subordinates in the most responsible moments of confrontation with the enemy. He dreamed of a military career, believed in the inevitable victory over the enemies,” added his friend, Anna Suprun.

The officer was buried in the village of Dolyniani in Lviv Oblast.

Yaroslav is survived by his mother, grandmother, sisters, brothers, and other relatives, friends, and comrades.