Volodymyr Vlasiuk Ukranian Martyr

Volodymyr Vlasiuk

February 16, 2023

44-year-old soldier Volodymyr Vlasiuk, nicknamed Yosyp, tragically passed away on February 16, 2023, near the village of Nevske in Luhansk Oblast. He suffered fatal injuries during a tank shelling by occupiers.

Volodymyr hailed from the village of Bystrychi in Rivne Oblast. He graduated from the Bystrychi Lyceum and worked as a laborer. His loved ones remember him as a loyal and reliable friend, a kind-hearted person who always lent a helping hand.

In April 2022, Volodymyr voluntarily joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces to fight for his country. He served in the ranks of the 66th Separate Mechanized Brigade as a senior gunner in the grenade launcher unit.

“My uncle served his country diligently. He was instrumental in ferrying our troops across the Dnipro River. He participated in battles for Maryinka and Lymanske in Donetsk Oblast. Despite all illnesses, he stood firm until the end, never sharing his concerns with anyone, fought, and defended us from enemies. He was respected by both commanders and comrades. He was a fierce warrior who endured the hell of war. He never complained about anything, he was strong,” recounted the niece of the deceased, Mariana Borovets.

The defender was laid to rest in his native village.

Volodymyr is survived by two sisters, a brother, a daughter, other relatives, friends, and comrades.