Volodymyr Huminskiy Ukranian Martyr

Volodymyr Huminskiy

November 3, 2023

Senior soldier Volodymyr Huminskiy, call sign Ares, was killed on November 3, 2023, during a combat mission near the village of Terni in Donetsk region. The warrior’s life was cut short by a bullet from an enemy sniper. He was 39 years old.

Volodymyr was born in Horodenka, Ivano-Frankivsk region. He graduated from local Secondary School No. 2 and then studied at the Horodenka Sports and Technical Club of the Technical Support Organization of Ukraine. He got married and lived with his family in the village of Romaniv, Zhytomyr region. He worked in taxi services, construction, and also went abroad for work.

On the second day of the full-scale war, February 25, 2022, he was called up to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Volodymyr served in the 61st Separate Mechanized Brigade as an assistant grenadier.

“My husband is my Hero. Words engraved on my heart forever… I must be worthy and proud to be the wife of such a man… I am proud of my love. I have to move forward and honor his memory. He was the best husband, the dearest father to our children, a wonderful son, a faithful comrade, friend, and companion! Very energetic and hardworking, everything he touched turned to gold. He loved life and hurried to live it. He rushed to ensure that our children had everything others have… and did even more for us!” shared the wife of the deceased, Irina.

The defender was buried in Romaniv village, Zhytomyr region.

Volodymyr is survived by his wife Irina, son Nikita, daughter Emma, relatives, friends, and comrades.