Victor Mitrofanov Ukranian Martyr

Віктор Митрофанов

August 1, 2023

Soldier Victor Mitrofanov, call sign “d’Artagnan,” died on August 1, 2023, near the village of Serebryanka in the Bakhmut district of Donetsk. During combat in Serebryansk Forest, he suffered fatal injuries from a mine explosion. The warrior would have turned 34 in three days.

Victor was born in Kicman, Chernivtsi Oblast, and lived in the village of Shypintsi in his native region. He graduated from the Chernivtsi Technical College as an auto mechanic and later obtained a welding degree, working in the field his entire life. Working with metal always brought him satisfaction.

In 2014-2015, he participated in the ATO, serving as a mortarman in the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. With the full-scale Russian invasion, he returned to his original brigade and headed out again to defend his country. In the last weeks before his death, he served in the 108th battalion.

Throughout his service, the soldier was awarded medals such as “For the Defense of Luhansk Airport,” “Participant in Hostilities,” “Defender of the Homeland,” and posthumously, the Order of “For Valor” III degree.

“My husband always took responsibility for his family and his country. He had no doubts about his military duty to defend the state for the sake of a peaceful and independent future for his children, despite health problems after injuries in 2014. Wise, cheerful, hardworking, beloved by all. Did good to those in need. Despite a difficult childhood (lost his father as a teenager), he enjoyed respect among people. He said: goodness begets goodness. And he tried to adhere to this rule. Always kept promises. Even the last one – promised to be home on his birthday, August 4. He died on August 1, and on his birthday, his body was at home. He will forever be 33; he died at the age of Christ. The topic of spirituality and Jesus was always close to him. Victor believed that at 33, a person reaches their maximum spirituality. And I am convinced that he achieved it,” said Diana Mitrofanova.

The Hero was buried in the village of Shypintsi, Chernivtsi Oblast.

At home, Victor’s mother, wife, daughter, and grandfather awaited him.