Ukranian Martyr Vladislav Stryzhkov

Владислав Стрижков

June 14, 2023

Senior soldier Vladislav Stryzhkov, call sign Scar, died on June 14, 2023, near the city of Vugledar in Donetsk region. The warrior was 29 years old.

Vladislav was born and lived in the city of Obukhiv in Kyiv region. When he and his twin sister Valeriya were 10 years old, their father passed away. Their mother raised the children on her own. Vlad loved playing football and board games, fishing, and spending time with friends.

After finishing school, he twice entered college but later dropped out of studies because he realized he didn’t want to work in the chosen specialties. At the age of 18, he got a job at the Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Combine in Obukhiv.

In 2015, he completed his compulsory military service. Shortly before the full-scale war, Vladislav went to work in the UK to fulfill his dream of buying a car. He realized his dream but didn’t have time to enjoy the car: full-scale invasion began, and he joined the ranks of defenders.

He served in the security company in Obukhiv. In March 2023, he transferred to the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians, with which he went to Donetsk region. He held the position of a senior rifleman in the 2nd motorized infantry company of the motorized infantry battalion.

“Vlad was very caring, cheerful, and kind. Even if someone did bad deeds, he always said that we should not judge them because we don’t know what they are going through. He instilled faith in goodness and justice in people. He inspired them not to lose hope. He loved children, and children loved him – they felt his pure heart,” said his sister Valeriya Stryzhkova.

Vlad had three godchildren, and friends said they would take him as a godfather in the future. He didn’t have time to start his own family. He had a girlfriend, proposed to her, and planned to register their marriage during his vacation. However, his life was cut short by enemy shelling.

“We were together all our lives. I thought no one would separate us. But Vlad died, and half of my heart is gone,” shared his sister.

The warrior was buried at the Alley of Heroes in his hometown.

Posthumously, Vladislav was awarded the Order of Courage III degree and was granted the title of “Honorary Citizen of Obukhiv.”

Vladislav Stryzhkov is survived by his mother, twin sister, step-sister, grandmother, and godchildren.