Ukranian Martyr Vitaliy Kavka

Віталій Кавка

September 10, 2022

Soldier Vitaliy Kavka, nicknamed Kolobok, perished on September 10, 2022, near the settlement of Male Vesele in Kharkiv region. The rifle platoon, riding on two BMPs, was sent on a combat mission – to clear the settlement, having been informed that the enemy had abandoned their positions. However, the occupiers set up an ambush and greeted the Ukrainian soldiers with powerful shelling. In that battle, more than 10 defenders perished. Vitaliy was 27 years old a week before his death.

The defender hailed from the city of Rozhyshche in Volyn region. He graduated from Rozhyshchensky Lyceum No. 4. Later, he acquired the profession of a cook-confectioner at the Lutsk Cooperative College of Lviv Commercial Academy. In 2016, he completed compulsory military service in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. He then worked as a driver for a private enterprise. In 2021, he went to work in Germany.

With the outbreak of full-scale war, Vitaliy returned to his homeland and went to the military enlistment office. He was later called up to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served in the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Roman the Great. He held the position of assistant rifleman to a grenadier.

“My brother worked in Germany. Learning that war had erupted on Volyn, he abandoned everything and on March 2, he stood up to defend his homeland. Vitaliy had only a year and a half of compulsory service behind him, but he had a great desire to fight for his native country. Eternal memory to our Hero,” said Olena Kavka.

Posthumously, the soldier was awarded the Order of Courage III degree and the insignia of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Steel Cross.”

The Hero was laid to rest in the Alley of Glory cemetery in his hometown.

At home, Vitaliy’s parents and sister awaited him.