Ukranian Martyr Hennadii Trum

Геннадій Трум

April 2, 2023

Soldier Hennadii Trum perished on April 2, 2023, in the vicinity of the village of Makiivka in Luhansk region. While performing his duties, he was caught in enemy mortar fire and suffered fatal injuries. He was 50 years old.

Hennadii was born in the village of Yasinets in Rivne region. After completing school, he trained as a welder and locksmith at Dubrovitsky Vocational Lyceum. He had a passion for history, enjoyed reading books, and watching historical films. In peacetime, he worked in construction both in Ukraine and abroad.

Amidst the full-scale Russian invasion, in December 2022, he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and headed to the front to defend his home and loved ones. He served as a rifleman in military unit A7181.

“Dad was a loving man, the best father, a good son, a reliable friend, and a patriot of his country. He said he had a wife and two daughters to protect. We will never forget him! He will live forever in our hearts! He’s our brave defender!” said the daughter of the fallen, Zoriana.

“A cousin… so many pleasant memories of our childhood, youth… I won’t forget his beautiful smile, kind heart, sincere intentions, and deeds…” wrote Oksana Valion.

The soldier was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage, 3rd Class.

Hennadii was laid to rest in the new cemetery in Dubrovytsia, Rivne region, where he lived with his family.

At home, he was awaited by his mother, Raisa Dmytrivna, wife Tetiana, daughters Olha and Zoriana, as well as other relatives and friends.