Ukranian Martyr Andriy Venger

Andriy Venger

December 8, 2023

Senior Soldier Andriy Venger, nicknamed “Bystriy,” died on December 8, 2023, while performing a combat mission in the area near the village of Berestove in Bakhmut district of Donetsk region. He was 24 years old.

Andriy was born in the village of Shehyni in Lviv region. He studied at the Shehyni Comprehensive School. Later, he served in the military. In civilian life, he worked at a car wash and for the company “Nova Poshta.”

When the full-scale war began, without hesitation, he went to the front lines. In April 2022, he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and served honorably in the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade “Edelweiss.” He held the position of a scout. During his service, he was repeatedly awarded commendations by the command for displaying bravery during combat tasks. In September 2023, the soldier received the “Golden Cross” award from the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“For me, this is a very painful loss. We had so many plans for the future with Andriy. He was always cheerful, always positive. His support was incredible. And our love was always passionate and romantic. I am proud of my Hero,” said the girlfriend of the deceased, Anastasiya Karabchuk.

“Andriy was a very sincere and kind guy. Always ready to help. He was very brave and courageous. A positive person. No matter what happened in life, he always smiled. Even during the war, he never said everything was bad. He always reassured and said everything would be fine. Andriy was a true warrior who feared nothing. Determined, sincere, resilient, a real fighter and defender! He volunteered to defend his homeland. It’s hard to imagine how our defender Andriy, weighing 62 kilograms, going on combat missions, carried a “load” of military ammunition weighing over 60 kilograms. And he had to maneuver, be in trenches, and fight! Andriy was and will always be the best son, brother, classmate, and friend. There are very few people like him in life,” added his classmate and best friend, Maria Bench.

The young soldier was buried in his native village.

Andriy is survived by his parents, four brothers, two sisters, girlfriend, relatives, friends, and comrades.