Ukranian Martyr Alexander Solomko

Олександр Соломко

February 18, 2023

Senior Sergeant Alexander Solomko perished on February 18, 2023, while carrying out a combat mission in the area of the village of Ivanivske in Bahmut district of Donetsk region. He was 53 years old.

Alexander Dmytrovych hailed from the village of Banyliv, Chernivtsi region. After graduating from the local school, he enrolled in an electrical engineering school. However, three months later, he received a draft notice and embarked on compulsory military service. Later, in civilian life, he worked as a long-haul truck driver and often traveled abroad.

When the full-scale war began, Alexander returned to his homeland and joined the ranks of defenders. He fought for his country as part of the 57th Separate Infantry Battalion (Unit A4436) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Together with his comrades, they held the defense to the last, did not abandon their positions, did not yield an inch of native land to the enemy, even though they had a limited supply of ammunition. They got surrounded and died like true warriors. Alexander Dmytrovych was a loving husband and father, a good son and brother, a true patriot. War takes away the best, and it is impossible to come to terms with it. Eternal memory and boundless glory to the Hero!” noted the Banyliv Village Council.

The defender was laid to rest in his native village.

Alexander is survived by his wife, three sons, daughter, other relatives, friends, and comrades.