Andriy Povroznik Ukranian Martyr

Andriy Povroznik photo

Senior soldier Andriy Povroznik, call sign Khokhol, died on August 2, 2023, near the village of Vilshany in Kharkiv region. While carrying out a combat mission, he suffered a fatal explosive injury. The defender was 28 years old.

Andriy was from the village of Vyschi Lubyanky in Ternopil region. He graduated from Ternopil Vocational College with enhanced military and physical training. He worked at Kremenchanka LLC. He was married and dreamed of family comfort. During the war, a daughter was born to the couple, for whom he fought. He wanted his family to never experience the horrors of war.

During the full-scale invasion, Andriy joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to protect his loved ones and homeland. He became a member of the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Roman the Great.

“My husband was the best. Despite everything, he stood up to defend Ukraine. He defended us on the Kupyansk direction. He will forever remain in our hearts and memory as a cheerful, kind, and good person,” said Irina Povroznik.

The warrior was buried in the village of Novyi Rohivets in Ternopil region.

Andriy is survived by his mother, sisters, wife, and daughter born in 2023.