Maxim Parashchuk Ukranian Martyr

Maxim Parashchuk Ukranian Martyr photo

October 27, 2023 Senior soldier Maxim Parashchuk, call sign “Luntik,” died on October 27, 2023, during the assault on enemy positions near the town of Avdiivka in Donetsk. A defender forever at 28.

Maxim was born in the village of Arbuzynka in Mykolaiv Oblast. He studied at the local vocational school and worked as a assembler at the company “BaDM” since 2017. In his free time, he loved reading books, was a music enthusiast, always listening with headphones.

During the full-scale Russian invasion, he joined volunteers and went to war. He served in the 26th Separate Rifle Battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“My Hero, my dear Maximchik, my good (I always called you that), and you laughed and squinted… You are my heart, my soul. The best person I ever knew. I will always love quietly in my heart,” wrote Eugene, the girlfriend of the deceased.

The warrior was buried in his hometown.

At home, a loving family, a beloved, and friends awaited Maxim.