Igor Rota Ukranian Martyr

Igor Rota

February 26, 2022

Junior Sergeant Igor Rota, call sign Dіd, died on February 26, 2022, defending the city of Mykolaiv. In a battle with Russian saboteurs, he suffered fatal shrapnel wounds. The defender was 52 years old.

Igor Dmytrovych was born in Tiraspol, Moldova. He spent most of his life in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. He received secondary education. He had many professional skills, including being a driver and a master of shoe repair. He was interested in cars and the military sphere. In 2015, he participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), defending the city of Mariupol, for which he was awarded a medal.

With the start of full-scale war, he returned to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and again stood in defense of the country. He served in the 79th separate airborne assault brigade as an electrician driver in the repair workshop.

“I am very proud of my husband, his courage, and bravery. He bravely defended Ukraine since 2015 in the ATO zone, and from the first days of the 2022 war, he was defending his city of Mykolaiv, where he courageously died,” said the deceased’s wife, Liliya Prokofyeva.

Posthumously, the paratrooper was awarded the Order of Courage III degree.

The warrior was buried in the cemetery near the village of Mishkovo-Pohorilove, near Mykolaiv.

Igor is survived by his wife Liliya, daughter Vladislava, and son Vladislav.