Dmytro Pohrebniak Ukranian Martyr

Dmytro Pohrebniak

August 1, 2023

39-year-old soldier Dmytro Pohrebniak, call sign POGREB, passed away at Kyiv Hospital on August 1, 2023, due to severe injuries. While performing a combat mission in the Zaporizhzhia direction, he came under enemy artillery fire. Doctors fought for his life until the end.

Dmytro was born and lived in Kyiv. He studied at School No. 139. In 2008, he graduated from the National Aviation University, receiving a master’s degree in economics. Even during his student years, he started entrepreneurial activities and successfully combined work and study. After graduation, he worked in his field at the structural unit “Autocenter NAU.” It was then that he decided to open his own auto repair shop, becoming the owner of LLC “PDV Auto.” In his free time, he loved playing football with friends and spending time with his family.

With the start of the full-scale invasion, Dmytro joined the local territorial defense unit. After hearing about the death of a close family friend in the early days of the war, he decided that someone needed to take his place and defend Ukraine’s sovereignty in the ranks of the Armed Forces. He became a gunner in the 43rd separate artillery brigade named after hetman Taras Tryasilo. Together with his comrades, he took part in liberating Mykolaiv region, Kherson region, and territories in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

“Dmytro was an incredibly kind and honest person, sometimes even too much. He had a unique sense of humor and his own position on any issue. He always treated everyone humanely and believed that the world could become a better place. He was always calm but had a strong inner core. The best friend, beloved husband, and most attentive father. We had many plans for life during the war and after victory. Now he is always with me… In my heart, in our memory, and in my soul… and our task is to preserve this memory,” shared the wife of the deceased, Anna.

“It was very easy to work with him. I always knew that we were giving 100%. Otherwise, it was impossible with Dima. But sometimes it was not easy when we were not at work. And it was not easy because he was an extraordinary person. He took on a lot and did even more. He could never sit still – he always found something to do for himself and for the greater good. Something interesting and useful. That’s the experience we will carry on for the rest of our lives,” reminisced the artillery commander, Mykola Bellonin, also known as “Minion.”

“Dymka was cheerful, kind… We often discussed things, and he, taking a drag of his e-cigarette, would say, ‘This will be quality.’ He spoke about his son with a special smile, squinting his eyes a bit, as if even smiling with them. And every time, I remember, he would look for the best ‘Lego’ for his little one, only the best…” added his friend, Maxim Melnyk, known as “Sem.”

Posthumously, soldier Dmytro Pohrebniak was awarded the Order of Courage, 3rd Class.

The defender was buried at Berkovetske Cemetery in the capital.

Dmytro is survived by his mother, wife, son, relatives, friends, and comrades.