Andriy Ivanov Ukranian Martyr

Andriy Ivanov

November 9, 2023

Soldier Andriy Ivanov, nicknamed Tihyi (Quiet), died on November 9, 2023, near the village of Klishchiivka, located in the direction of Bahmutivka, Donetsk region. He received fatal injuries while performing a combat mission. On October 1, the warrior turned 45 years old.

Andriy Viktorovych was born and lived in the city of Volochysk, Khmelnytskyi region. After completing the 9th grade, he entered Volochysk Vocational Technical School No. 5, where he specialized in electric gas welding. In civilian life, he worked as a deputy chief of the guard at the machine-building plant of PJSC “Motor Sich”. He loved spending his free time at home with his wife and daughter. He was engaged in sports and maintained good physical shape. He was also interested in shooting.

During the full-scale invasion, without hesitation, he went to defend what was most precious to him – his family. Andriy joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and headed to the front lines. He fought as a medic in the 42nd Separate Mechanized Brigade.

“He is the best person in the world for me. He became a dad at 17, still so young. Maybe he didn’t know how to be one, but he managed to become the best example for me, my friend, and my support. He knew how to understand and support. He was honest and fair, he knew how to love. His love was so strong that he was not afraid to give his life for the future of his family, for the freedom of all Ukraine. All his relatives and friends know what a brave, honest, and fair man he was, with his position. He is a true patriot. And my Hero,” said the daughter of the fallen soldier, Anastasiya.

The defender was buried in his hometown.

At home, Andriy was awaited by his wife Oksana and daughter Anastasiya.